Launch of PET1 in Ahmedabad, November 2014


Thirty Consultant Paediatric Neurologists came from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad for the launch of PET1 India.  They came to experience the course delivered by a UK faculty and train to deliver the PET1 course locally.

After the highly successful launch, courses have been held in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai with further courses planned, see Book a course today.  The feedback from the courses has been excellent:


    • "Excellent course" Gurgaon, April 2015 (Delhi faculty)
    • "Really informative and many take home messages.  Able to hold my attention for the whole day" Gurgaon, April 2015 (Delhi faculty)
    • "Very good course, very well organised" Gurgaon, April 2015 (Delhi faculty)
    • "Excellent contents - really helpful.  Will make me change the way I treat and diagnose epilepsy" Mumbai, April 2015 (Mumbai faculty)
    • "Should have such sessions frequently" Mumbai, April 2015 (Mumbai faculty)
    • "We should plan PET2 as early as possible as the programme was excellent" Mumbai, April 2015 (Mumbai faculty)
    • "Very well managed and very punctual" Rajkot, April 2015 (Ahmedabad faculty)
    • "Superb effort! Thank you!" Rajkot, April 2015 (Ahmedabad faculty)
    • "It is an excellent course" Rajkot, April 2015 (Ahmedabad faculty)



  • "Great job by the entire faculty and special thanks to Dr Vivek Jain for such a well organised educative programme" Jaipur, April 2015 (Jaipur faculty)
  • "Perfect! should be mandatory for PG residents" Jaipur, April 2015 (Jaipur faculty)
  • "Very useful for general paediatrician.  Excellent"  Jaipur, April 2015 (Jaipur faculty)

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