Paediatric Neurology Distance Learning

Unit 02 Neonatal Neurology

Unit aims:

We will be studying the biological processes involved in brain development and then go on to see how environmental and genetic disorders may have an adverse effect on that process. We will study perinatal brain injury and causes of this in both the preterm and the term born baby. We will study neonatal encephalopathy, and we will learn about assessment, differential diagnosis and treatment options in the floppy and “stiff” baby. The unit will also address different aspects of neonatal neurological examination, neurophysiology, and neonatal imaging and how this benefits initial assessment and relates to prognosis. Throughout the Unit we will reflect on how we might most effectively communicate our thoughts to the families involved.

Method of delivery: Online

Study Hours: 61.0
Continuing Professional Development Points: 61.0. You will be able to download a pdf of your CPD certificate following completion of each section within the unit.