Acute Paediatric Neurology

In 2019, the BPNA committed to developing an acute paediatric neurology course, supported and endorsed by the Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine (APEM). This will be a 1-day course, with the first course due to take place virtually on Friday 19 November 2021.


“It is estimated that about a third of all paediatric emergencies are neurological and about a quarter of all admissions to PICU are primarily neurological (not counting the large number of PICU patients that develop a neurological complication of a non-neurological disorder). In addition, a significant number of PICU admissions are the result of medical complications of neurological disability.”

Generic guide to consultant paediatric neurology job planning. BPNA. 2018.

Why is this course needed: 

The BPNA's charitable aim is to improve the care of children with neurological disorders. 

BPNA and APEM agree there is a need for education on children presenting with acute neurological problems.  We are aware of the volume of children attending emergency departments with neurological presentations, and of the anxiety this can create for the receiving paediatricians and trainees, who often feel inadequately trained in acute paediatric neurology.

Target audience:

  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine Trainees (particularly ST3-5)
  • General Paediatricians – doing EM rotation
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine Staff Grades
  • Advanced Care Practitioners in PEM
  • Adult Emergency Medicine Trainees doing their paediatric block

Course content and development

Starting development of this course was delayed due to Covid-19. However we have now recruited a team of 17, including consultant paediatric neurologists, PEM consultants, advanced clinical practioners and paediatric middle grades.  Development is going very well.

A distance learning unit will also be created, containing all the sections relevant to PEM staff.


Updated 11 June 2021


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