Acute Paediatric Neurology

Acute Paediatric Neurology is a 1-day course which has been developed by a team of Consultant Paediatric Neurologists, Consultant Paediatricians and Consultant Paediatric Emergency Medicine which aims to improve and standardise the care and outcomes of children attending with acute neurological presentations.

Learning objectives:

This is a practical course that will teach emergency medicine staff to recognise children presenting with common acute neurological conditions and what to do next. It is taught by Consultant Paediatric Neurologists and Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultants in lectures and small group workshops.

It is estimated that about a third of all paediatric emergencies are neurological and about a quarter of all admissions to PICU are primarily neurological (not counting the large number of PICU patients that develop a neurological complication of a non-neurological disorder). In addition, a significant number of PICU admissions are the result of medical complications of neurological disability.

The BPNA's charitable aim is to improve the care of children with neurological disorders. BPNA and Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine agree there is a need for education on children presenting with acute neurological problems. We are aware of the volume of children attending emergency departments with neurological presentations, and of the anxiety this can create for the receiving paediatricians and trainees, who often feel inadequately trained in acute paediatric neurology.

This course has been developed for:

  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine Trainees (particularly ST3-5)
  • General Paediatricians – doing EM rotation
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine Staff Grades
  • Advanced Care Practitioners in PEM
  • Adult Emergency Medicine Trainees doing their paediatric block

Comments from attendees on the first course:

    • Thanks a million for this amazing course!
    • Good format with lectures and tutorials - covered lots of content - very good for basic grounding in neuro emergencies initial management at DGH level - very well organised and kept to time - particularly enjoyed the movement disorders section as it had the most new information for me
    • Short snappy lectures and useful workshops – excellent handout
    • Interactive and informative, clear and concise
    • Excellent videos and workshops

This course is supplemented by the BPNA Distance Learning Unit 13: Acute Paediatric Neurolgy for health professionals who would like to learn more. All sections are relevant to PEM staff.

Updated 31 May 2023


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