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Distance Learning Courses


The BPNA paediatric neurology Distance Learning course complements clinical training.  It is delivered completely online and is available to doctors throughout the world. 

The course covers the whole of paediatric neurology, through twelve units - one for each topic.  It has been developed for clinicians specialising in paediatric neurology and/or paediatrics. 

Students may complete one or more units.  Paediatric neurology trainees should aim to complete all the units.  Paediatric trainees should complete units relevant to the role they are aiming for.  

Each unit is divided into sections.  The first section(s) in a Unit will teach the fundamentals of the topic.  Following sections are very practically based, with activities leading you through case studies.  

The content is comprehensive, providing a through background in each topic.  BPNA face-to-face courses and distance learning units complement each other.