Neonatal Neurology (NeoNATE)

Neonatal Neurology Assessment and Treatment Education (NeoNATE) has been developed by the BPNA with Consultant Neonatologist colleagues.  The aim is to improve neonatal neurological education and therefore improve the diagnosis and management of neonates with neurological disorders.

NeoNATE is a practical 2-day course for anyone who looks after neonates.  The course consists of lectures and interactive workshops, which are limited to 8 per group.  It is delivered by a faculty of 6-7, both paediatric neurologists and neonatologists, who give a unique perspective on a wide range of conditions and problems specific to neonatal care.

NeoNATE is a good introduction to neurological assessment and condition in neonates.  It covers a wide range of conditions, as well as HIE and pre term birth, to help clinicians manage difficult cases and puzzles on the ground. 

NeoNATE has been developed by Consultant Paediatric Neurologists, Neonatologists, Paediatricians with an exptertise in neonatal care, Paediatric Radiologists and Consultant Neurophysiologists. It is updated every 3-years.

Topics covered include:

  • The neurological examination in the neonate
  • Recognition of neonatal seizures
  • Interpretation of neonatal cerebral function monitoring and the use of standard EEG
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
  • Encephalopathy secondary to metabolic disorders
  • Haemorrhagic lesions
  • Perinatal stroke
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Neural tube defects
  • Neonatal seizures and epilepsies
  • An approach to the floppy and the stiff baby
  • Central and neuromuscular motor disorders

NeoNATE has been developed for:

  • Consultant Neonatologists and trainees
  • Consultant Paediatric Neurologists and trainees
  • Consultant Paediatricians who provide neonatology services in DGHs and trainees
  • Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners / nurse consultants

This course is supplemented by the BPNA Distance Learning Unit 2: Neonatal Neurology for health professionals who would like to learn more.

NeoNATE attendee feedback:

  • 100% of attendees would recommend NeoNATE to their colleagues
  • 100% of attendees rated NeoNATE excellent (70%) or very good (30%)
  • 93% of attendees' expectations of the course were fulfilled (53%) or exceeded (41%)

Comments from NeoNATE attendees:

  • Wonderful course! Thank you.  Nice balance between revision, new knowledge and clinical application.  Particularly enjoyed testing knowledge in workshops (ANNP)
  • Would highly recommend this course. Many thanks (Consultant Neonatologist)
  • Was good to have opportunity to talk and learn with neurologists.  Approach great - about principles of approach rather than giving definite answers. Thank you! Some was new but discussion really helpful (Consultant Neonatologist)
  • Very nicely organised, clinically relevant.  Loved the way nicely focussed and basic and elaborate.  Met aims and objectives nicely.  I would strongly recommend to my colleagues. I've definitely learnt a lot in this course (Consultant Paediatrician)
  • Learnt loads. Very good pre course, really enjoyed it.  Flow diagrams fab (ST5)
  • Very well organised.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks! (ANNP)
  • Workshops / practical tips were most useful part of the course.  It is great to hear about personal experience and exchange ideas. Overall: great course (Neonatal grid trainee)
  • Really interesting and very useful.  Practical workshops were very good.  Well organised course.  Venue was excellent (ST8 Paediatric registrar, special interest neonates)
  • Excellent course (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist)


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