Approaching Children's Tone (ACT)

Children with abnormal muscle tone deserve prompt recognition and timely access to appropriate investigation and treatment, particularly with the availability of new therapies for neuromuscular conditions and cerebral palsy.  In view of this, the BPNA approved the development of a new BPNA short-course on tone management in children called 'Approaching Children's Tone' (ACT).

The aim of the course is to improve recognition of initial symptoms of abnormal (high or low) tone and speed-up referral to appropriate specialists. In turn, the course aims to reduce the time to diagnosis and quicken provision of suitable treatment and/or therapy and improve the experience of the child/young person and family. Overall the course aims to improve the future outcomes for children with abnormal tone.  We present a structured approach to investigation and management.

The course will be aimed at:

  • Consultant and trainee Paediatricians
  • Consultant and trainees in Neurodisability
  • Consultants and trainees in Community Paediatriatrics
  • Therapists involved in the management of children with both low and high tone problems.

Dr Paul Eunson, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist in Edinburgh, is leading a team of 12 in developing this 2-day course. 

Development of this course has been made possible through educational grants received from:

  • AveXis
  • PTC Therapeutics International Ltd
  • Roche Products Limited
  • Sarepta International Holdings GmbH
  • Biogen

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These companies have no control or input into the educational content of this course.

Updated 18 November 2019


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